Innovation for Financial Services 2013 - Call for Papers

A successful ability to innovate requires a collaborative attitude towards designing and implementing an overarching innovation strategy. However, this is only one element that contributes to the financial service company's capability to innovate. The organizational context and culture of the company plays a central role because the established structures and processes drive potential success in mature service lines (i.e. efficient and highly standardized). Nevertheless, these can be inappropriate for producing radical innovations that reshape the sector's landscape, change the way business is being done and securing continuous value creation. It is critical to align the right structures, processes and provide leadership, so as the mindset and strategic planning to be infused within the company as a whole. Innovation in financial services is very different than innovation in a physical product environment. Most innovations can and will be copied by competitors so looking for innovations catering solely for monetization purposes is not the best tactic. It is a structural approach, requiring an interdisciplinary, ongoing and incremental process, encapsulating key elements such as skills development, multidisciplinary teams and collaboration. All these foster the company's organizational readiness, leading to the effective use and adoption of tools such as social network platforms.



The objective of this event is to bring together international academics and practitioners, to discuss the various challenges linked to innovation in, and for, financial services across continents. Singapore is a leading financial services provider in Asia, acting as a hub for the booming Asian-Pacific region. The international character, its pro-business environment and multicultural workforce are well known to its various business partners.


As with the previous edition, Innovation for Financial Services 2013 will deal with innovation in financial services under all of its possible forms. This allows covering a large spectrum of the research and practitioner activities in innovation for financial services. Submissions from academic, research, consulting, industry, intermediary and policy organizations are strongly encouraged and should focus on the following themes:


  • Innovation practices for financial services
  • Organizational innovation in the financial industry
  • Measuring innovation and its effects in financial services
  • Collaborative tools for innovation in the financial services sector
  • Lean management and process improvement
  • Technological change and ICT-enabled innovation
  • Open Innovation and collaboration within and across sectors
  • Risk management and governance in financial services
  • Sustainability in finance
  • Regulation and innovation
  • Transferability of innovations from other industries to financial industry
  • Other topical issues in innovation in financial services


Important Submission Deadlines

  • 27 May 2013: Outlines Only (All Submissions) - Any late submissions should be sent directly to Dr. Anne-Laure Mention at
  • 5 June 2013: Acceptance Notification
  • 10 September 2013: Final Submissions (including papers, profiles & photos), registration and payment
  • 5 October 2013: Presentation Slides


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